Benefits and
additional perks

Modern work environment, attractive benefits

In e-commerce, success can be measured directly. Employees need to have skills and be motivated to adjust their own strategies on an ongoing basis. Employers, in return, offer attractive added perks. As a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic, many employees are benefiting from new work models in terms of their working hours and work location. This is the case for vacancies in e-commerce as well. Often, specialists have flexibility to determine their working hours, and can work from home or on a hybrid basis.  

Technologies and trends are always changing in online business. Employers support employees with continuing education programs so they can keep up. These also benefit people changing to a new career field. Often product discounts or shopping vouchers are added to an employee’s wages as financial perks.

The e-commerce field enjoys excellent future prospects. People moving to a new career field will find great opportunities to get their foot in the door, since specialized training and degree programs have been available for only a few years. Motivated specialists can tap into a new occupational field, especially if they already have business expertise.  

What salaries can e-commerce specialists expect to receive?

Most frequently included information on wages and benefits

Flexible working hours, trust-based flex time

36,9 %

Product discounts, shopping vouchers

35,7 %

Continued training, certifications

30,9 %

Option to work from home, hybrid work, mobile work

30,6 %

Applicants should state expected salary range

30,0 %

Catering (fruit, drinks)

28,3 %

Additional vacation days

23,4 %

Company events

22,0 %

Pension scheme, company pension scheme

21,1 %

Performance-based pay, based on qualifications

20,0 %

Source: DEKRA Akademie 2023

Basis: 350 job openings (multiple mentions)