Duties of
E-Commerce employees

Everything focuses on the click

Descriptions of job duties in this area are comparatively detailed. The average 6.8 duties listed most frequently fall into the categories of marketing and sales, product range and data management, and analysis and reporting.

Although transactions are carried out virtually, over half of e-commerce employees provide customer service, for instance to assist with questions about products. They also frequently serve as contact persons for cooperating partners and suppliers (18.3 and 14.9 %).

Up-to-date master data is absolutely essential in the e-commerce world. Careful product descriptions and updated customer data can help shop owners avoid disappointed customers and reduce return rates. Managing and updating master data is an important employee duty for this reason. To complete it, they work closely with other departments like product management or sales.   

An attractively designed online shop is useless if potential customers can’t find it. E-commerce employees develop marketing measures to generate traffic for their web shop. Search engine optimization is the magic word when it comes to website visibility. Employees need to be familiar with terms like keywords and SEO. In addition, experience in social media marketing is an advantage for job seekers (15.1 %).

Almost one in four specialists handles incoming orders and processes complaints and returns, among other issues (18.0 and 15.7 %).

Online shops are always “under construction.” Careful analyses serve as the basis for ongoing development; clicks, revenues, and returns are important KPIs in this process. Future employees will calculate and report on these data as part of their duties (18.9 and 18.6 %).  

Quelle: DEKRA Akademie 2023
Basis: 350 Stellenangebote (Mehrfachnennungen)