additional expertise

Ideal: IT and platform expertise

E-commerce employees work in a highly digital environment and use a variety of IT tools. Almost six out of ten employers prefer applicants to be able to use Microsoft Office programs. Area-specific IT expertise, however, is mentioned less often in requirements profiles. Almost one fifth of employees will need experience with merchandise management systems, and they also need to be familiar with web shop software. In general, when software and IT expertise is mentioned, it is usually as part of a general statement which is not manufacturer-specific. Employers likely assume that anyone who understands the principle behind a system can quickly learn to use systems from other manufacturers. 

Quelle: DEKRA Akademie 2023
Basis: 350 Stellenangebote (Mehrfachnennungen)

Understanding more than the employer's shop

B2C consumers normally place orders on one of the large sales platforms. Because of this, even companies that have their own web shops make use of this additional sales channel. They benefit from the extensive range of online marketplaces; ideally, participating in such marketplaces will motivate consumers to visit their own company web shops. Job seekers who understand how collaboration with external sales platforms works will have an advantage: the duties listed for around one out of four positions involve using such platforms (26.3 %). Specialists are most often expected to understand how to sell on Amazon, followed by Ebay and Otto.

Trading without limits

Found a perfume on vacation that isn’t sold in Germany? No problem – there are lots of local goods you can order online that aren't available domestically. This allows companies to offer their products even in markets where they don’t have their own sales structures. To do so, they need a multi-lingual shop and staff with the right language skills. Applicants need to be able to write and speak English fluently for about half of positions (53.1 %) to make it to the short list. Requirements profiles also include many other languages, although each of these is mentioned only a few times.