Business expertise helpful

The training profession of “e-commerce trader” did not exist before 2018, and it still does not even come close to covering the high demand for workers in this area. Because of this, most open positions require one of several professional degrees.

First among these is a general statement that candidates should have a business-related degree (71.7 %). This degree provides a wide range of expertise that is useful in online retail: Traders understand the different corporate areas, such as purchasing, marketing or logistics. They are also used to managing processes. This is perfect preparation if specialists also understand commonly used IT tools, or are ready to learn how to use them.

E-commerce traders are specially qualified to work in online retail. A little less than half of employers hope to attract a specialist with this training. They also frequently mention a completed degree program, preferably in a business-related area or with a focus on marketing (7.7 %).

Job descriptions often remain vague when it comes to professional experience. Applicants for around one out of five positions need general professional experience (22.3 %), although “initial professional experience” is often sufficient as well (16.0 %). One in seven employers also expressly invites persons switching to a new career field to apply.

Welche Ausbildung sollten E-Commerce-Mitarbeiter haben?

Quelle: DEKRA Akademie 2023
Basis: 350 Stellenangebote (Mehrfachnennungen)