Benefits for
electronics technicians

Good prospects

Companies work to win over the candidates they seek with additional benefits. A surprisingly large number of them attract applicants with the promise of ongoing development opportunities at their companies. Continued education and certification offerings are at the top of the list of benefits (43.1 %). These kinds of offers benefit both sides: Workers who are up-to-date on the latest technology and can shine with additional qualifications are highly attractive on the labor market, and may see a boost in their paychecks at the end of the month as well. At the same time, employers benefit from qualified personnel. They may use the prospect of continuing education programs to encourage job seekers who are less confident because they come from another field or who do not fulfill all requirements to apply.  

In addition, many companies offer their employees pension programs and additional vacation days. One in five workers can take advantage of flex time (22.0 %). Most other references are to monetary benefits, like an “attractive salary” or the Christmas and vacation pay that electronics technicians can expect to receive.

What salaries can electronics technicians expect to receive?

Most frequently included information on wages and benefits

Continuing education. certifications

43,1 %

(Company) pension scheme

27,4 %

Additional vacation days, days off

25,7 %

Good payment, attractive salary

24,6 %

Flexible working hours, trust-based flex time

22,0 %

Company car

16,6 %

Payment above collectively bargained rate

14,9 %

Vacation pay

14,6 %

Christmas pay

14,0 %

Performance-based salary, based on qualifications

13,7 %

Source: DEKRA Akademie 2023,
Basis: 350 job openings (multiple mentions)