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Energy crisis
heats up demands

For the third year in a row, electronics technicians lead in the overall professional rankings. This is no wonder: after all, they work in a wide range of fields, and are in high demand in industry as well as in the trades. They play an important role in Germany's path to climate neutrality – and may be a limiting factor in that transformation. Electronic technicians looking for a job in green technologies have many positions to choose from in the construction sector, in particular, as our analysis of 350 job advertisements shows. In light of shortfalls, employers are staying flexible in terms of specialization and are offering electronics technicians opportunities for further development. Candidates interested in a management position also have a good chance of finding what they seek. These are not, however, professions for lone wolves.

We are surrounded by electronics. They are in our buildings, equipment, and vehicles. That means there is a lot for electronics technicians to do. They have been in demand for quite some time for this reason, and have been among the top 10 professions since 2012. The problem of a lack of trained professionals is worsening, with developments such as electric mobility, the growth in renewable energies, and smart homes. The lack of specialists in building electrical systems, for example, is one of the most relevant issues for the expansion of solar and wind energy technologies. There is a shortage of around 17,000 specialists in this area, according to a study by the Kompetenzzentrum Fachkräftesicherung (KOFA).

In which areas are employers seeking electronics specialists associated with the energy and climate transformation? What requirements do employers have, and what additional services can they expect for their new position? The full texts of 350 online job advertisements for electronics technicians were analyzed for the DEKRA labor market report in order to answer this question. Only job advertisements with descriptions containing at least one term related to the climate revolution were included, such as “renewable energy” or “electric mobility.”