Who is looking for
electronics technicians?

Building installation the primary work area

Employers in the sample primarily work in three sectors. High energy prices and the obligatory use of solar power in new buildings have led to a boom in demand for solar and photovoltaic systems. Job advertisements for electrical technicians who can install and operate these systems made up the majority of the sample. Almost half of these positions are advertised in the building installation area (47.7 %). The keywords “solar systems/photovoltaic systems” were found almost as often in job descriptions (45.4 %), as was the term “renewable energy technology” (24.9 %). 

The machine and vehicle industry is also greatly impacted by climate change; the percentage of job advertisements from this sector is the second-highest in the area (16.9 %). In addition, skilled electricians looking for work in the energy revolution can choose from a larger selection of open positions at energy and water providers: 15.7 % of open positions are in this sector.

Employers searching for their own workers

The recruitment market has been swept clean, and many doors are open to job seekers with training in the electrical field. More than three quarters of employers are posting their own open positions, and taking the opportunity to promote for themselves directly (77.7 %). This percentage is very high compared to the overall analysis of all professions for the labor market report, where this was the case much less often (56.4 %). Ads by temporary employment agencies show a similar picture: The share for electronics technicians is half as high as that among all professions (13.1 %).  Employers will have a lot of work for these specialists in the long term, and are doing everything they can to make them loyal employees right from the start.