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Professional fields: Infrastructure leaving almost everything behind 

Job advertisements in the overall sample are divided across seven professional fields with four work areas each. The three professional fields with the greatest weight thus far have changed most significantly. This year, for example, none of these made up more than 20.0 % of the job advertisements investigated. 

Since 2018, most of these positions have been in development, which includes IT and engineering professions, among others. The professional field last fell below the 20 percent mark three years ago.

The professional field of infrastructure is undergoing a notable shift. This area has seen an upward trend for some time. It has now rallied further and exceeded its all-time highs of the last two years once again. The positive development in this occupational area is driven primarily by the warehouse logistics and transportation fields, with three jobs among the top ten. With this change, infrastructure has actually overtaken the field of consulting, which in the past has been one of two areas with the highest total percentage of job advertisements. In consulting, there are significant reductions in the occupational area of sales consulting/sales, in particular.  

Quelle: DEKRA Akademie 2023
Basis: 13.183 Stellenangebote

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