At a glance


  • For many years, we have been talking about a lack of skilled workers and laborers in general. The top 10 professions include four jobs for semi-skilled workers.
  • The healthcare and nursing job field has the highest percentage in the overall sample (8.9 %).
  • The warehouse and logistics job field is at third place for the first time, and its percentage in the overall sample has never been as high as it was this year (7.9 %).
  • Despite the potential for automation, employers still need a large number of personnel in warehouse logistics. Forklift drivers, warehouse and transportation workers and pickers are among the ten most sought-after job profiles.
  • A transformation in sales: For the first time, there are no sales professions among the top 10.
  • Losses in IT: The percentage of IT professions in the overall sample is lower than it has been in ten years (6.6 %).
  • Electrical engineers have returned to the top 10 professions; they were last there in 2017.
  • Social education workers have their choice of where to work: For the first time, they are among the ten most sought-after professions (4th place).